The Customer will use the goods and / or the product according to manufacturer's instruction manual. Small Car Shop S.L.U. not responsible for any consequences that may result from improper use of Client and / or any third parties arising from the failure to observe the instructions in the manual or safety rules of the goods. Small Car Shop S.L.U. not liable for the incorrect configuration and / or facilities and / or damage to a product caused by a component not provided by SLU Small Car Shop
All products will be covered exclusively by the warranty offered from time to time by the manufacturer. Small Car Shop S.L.U. offers no additional guarantee for the quality or defects that may arise from the use of consumable product.
With respect to a guarantee provided by the additional commercial manufacturer, the customer will be directed to that which appears as a guarantor on the document that the formalizing and / or in advertising.

The warranty is void when any of the following circumstances: Shock and / or improper transportation, faulty installation and / or installation errors, installation and / or connection of non-compatible with the product, improper voltage or power surge , handling by service personnel other than the manufacturer or Small Car Shop SLU, or manipulation of any band or label identification / control, fault or negligence of Customer or third, or normal wear and use, damage due to external events / or accidents, shock, humidity control or other environmental conditions different to a safe and normal office and home, natural disasters such as storms, floods, lightning, earthquakes, fires, etc.