Delivery Conditions


The delivery of the goods shall, unless otherwise agreed, without prejudice to the provisions set out below. Until the departure of the goods from our warehouse, the customer has full right to modify or cancel your order, except for products that have been developed to measure customer or that were commissioned specifically for the Customer, for which Small SLU Shop Car Customer requested acceptance of a quotation or a written request with special conditions.
Delivery shall be deemed made at the time that the carrier has put the / the product / s available to the client and has signed the document on receipt of delivery. The client must check the / the product / s upon receipt and present to the same carrier all the caveats and complaints that may be justified in the document on receipt of delivery or 24 hours of receipt, if no damage noticeable externally. Small Car Shop S.L.U. can make delivery before the agreed date and make partial deliveries if deemed appropriate, produce delivery, passing of risk and price wise accrual of such delivery.
The delivery will be, which at the time of placing the order, appear in the availability of the same Web page. However, in case of simultaneous requests from different customers, which led eventually to stockpile, or permanent, of a product, the time may be altered, as they are subject to the order book and the availability and / or supply goods by suppliers. Small Car Shop S.L.U. Customer informed as soon as possible, any delay of more than 7 days in the schedule, so that it expresses its willingness to maintain or cancel the order. In case the final stocks are outside SLU Small Car Shop inform the client as soon as a possible alternative, depending on its features and price, so the customer can choose between this or the cancellation of the order, with the consequent return of the amount in case of prepayment. Moreover, delays of more than ten days after the agreed delivery date for reasons attributable to SLU Small Car Shop Will give the customer the right to cancel the order, returning, in this case, the amounts that he might have anticipated.
Small Car Shop S.L.U. not be liable for failure to comply with its obligations when it is due to facts that were not foreseeable, or even foreseen, were inevitable, or disability beyond his control (in cases of force majeure case accidental), including among others, acts of government or the administration, labor strikes or third parties own generals, lockouts, civil disturbances, earthquakes and any other natural disasters, lack of or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies or equipment, non-functioning of facilities, etc.
Except as provided in the General Conditions, SLU Small Car Shop not be liable for any damages that may result from the delay and / or non-delivery of merchandise, including lost profits or any loss or damage arising from delay or emerging production loss as a result of the delay, could suffered by the Client.
Justified in case of error in delivery, SLU Small Car Shop will accept returns only for those products not open and / or still in their original packaging intact.