Price and payment


The published prices are valid except in case of misprint.

Customer will be informed prior to accepting any order, prices, features and availability of products sold by SLU Small Car Shop may vary. The product price is one that at the time of order acceptance by SLU Small Car Shop is in force. Any order is subject to the acceptance thereof by the SLU Small Car Shop Small Car Shop S.L.U. will not send any request to verify that payment has been made or that the request for payment on delivery is accepted.

In case of default by the Customer, in whole or in part, on the agreed due date for one or more consignments of products SLU Small Car Shop choose to suspend or cancel any further delivery or pending contract, without liability for any damages or losses, including lost profits, or damages for delay or loss of production incurred by the Customer. This does not relieve the Customer of its outstanding contractual obligations in relation to payments due and receipt of products.