Packing and shipping


The shipping costs for Spain and Portugal at a fixed rate of up to 10 kg to 9 kg and 25 € to 14 €. In Standard packages. For COD shipments will be charged 4 euros for application fee. (Islas check prices)

Shipping set of wheels in Spain and Portugal 40 €. (Islas price on request)

Wheelset Shipping to other countries: Ask for price.

The shipping to France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Italy, Great Britain, to a flat rate of 1 to 5 kg 15 euros, 5 kg to 10 kg 20 kg 20 euros and 25 euros to 30 kg.

Shipping cost to Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, a flat rate of 1 to 5 kg 25 euro 5 - 10 kg 35 euros and 11 to 20 kg 45 euros.

The shipping costs for all other countries are based on the respective current condition Pais, size and weight of the package. Please ask for separate shipping charges in advance.

The delivery of ordered products is guaranteed by the carrier sent SMALL CAR SHOP. In the absence of the addressee on the day of delivery, the dealer shall be required to leave a notice on the customer's inbox. The customer must contact SMALL CAR SHOP email or with the carrier within a period of 3-4 days from receipt of first notice of the dealer.
After this period, the carrier will automatically return the products aa stock SMALL CAR SHOP.

Return shipping costs amounting to € 18.00 per package including tax, will be billed to the customer and deducted from the refund of your order.

In case of missing products, the customer must be specified in writing on the packing slip that you give the dealer. The customer has a period of 7 days to inform SMALL CAR SHOP reserves, email, by phone at 981 914 498 or by registered letter with return receipt addressed to SMALL CAR SHOP, Avd Vilaboa 89, Vilaboa 15174, A Coruña, Spain, the commercial department of Small car shop, is committed to resend the missing product at the earliest.

If this detail is not mentioned on the bill, the customer's claim will not be accepted either by Carrier or by SMALL CAR SHOP.

Packet Loss
In the event that no delivery was made within 5 days from receipt of package numbers, the customer must report it to SMALL CAR SHOP by phone, fax or email.
This will open a claim with the carrier for the reason for the delay.
Reasons for delay

The carrier can not find the delivery address or not in possession of the latter.
Solution: SMALL CAR SHOP inform the carrier on delivery details.
The package is delivered within 48 to 72 hours.

The package can not be located. The carrier will open an investigation that can last up to 10 days.
Solution: If you find the package will be sent to the recipient.
If the package is declared lost, SMALL CAR SHOP proceed to a new issue or the payment of amounts due, according to client instructions.